1. What is PauzR?
    Created to reduce phone addiction and improve concentration, PauzR rewards users every day for keeping the phone locked successfully for durations provided in the app.
  2. How does PauzR work?

PauzR will track the time for which the timer (20 or 40 or 60 minutes) inside the app was on. For successful 20 minutes, 1 point; for 40 minutes, 3 points; for 60 minutes, 5 minutes are added to the account.

  1. How do I invite friends?

In the side menu, you can click on ‘Invite and Earn’ and select friends you want to invite. If your friend uses the link shared by you to download the app, you both will get 5 points. There is no limit to number of friends you want to invite.

  1. What is Scoreboard?

    Scoreboard displays leaderboard for Today, This Week, and This Month for your selected city. Your rank will be displayed along with other PauzR users of your city based on the time the timer sessions were successfully completed. Please note, Scoreboard only takes into account the total time the timer session was completed by you and other users. It does not take into consideration how many points you have earned.
  2. What is a successful timer session?

Once the timer is started in the PauzR app, user must not leave the PauzR app. However, the user can lock the phone. Even if user leaves the PauzR app by mistake in the middle of the session, an immediate notification appears asking the user to continue the session. Clicking the notification takes the user back to the timer screen. The buffer time for user to return back to the screen is 5 seconds.

  1. Is internet required?

Yes, please make sure the internet is ON.

  1. What is Winners list?

This is the list of top 10 users across the nation. These users will be rewarded with gifts such as Paytm money or Amazon vouchers or Flipkart vouchers or etc. based on their ranks. The winners will be declared weekly and monthly. Also a winner’s list will be posted on our Facebook page (Please follow to know about winners and latest gifts up for grab). To send the gifts, we might ask for your address if you are selected as Winner. Please note, users only from India will receive rewards currently. We will soon start rewarding the Winners list of other nations as well.

  1. How do we create Group?

You can click on the BIG ‘+’ icon at the right bottom corner, once you are on the Groups page. You can add Group photo, Group description and start adding/inviting your contacts.

   9.Will the user be charged anything for claiming the prize?

To claim weekly prize, user will be charged 51 points from the wallet. 
To claim monthly prize, user will be charged 200 points from the wallet.
The prizes will be distributed without any extra cost.

  10. What is considered as 1 week and 1 month?
For us, a week or a month will start from every 1st of that month, irrespective of the day. And hence, a new week starts from 7 days after that.

11. When will the winners be declared?
Once a particular week is over (12 midnight, last day of the week), Weekly Winners will be declared in the morning of the first day of the next week (the very next day) on our Facebook/Instagram page. Also an email would be sent to winners separately.
Once a particular month is over (12 midnight, last day of the month) Monthly Winners for a particular month will be declared in the morning of first day of the next month (the very next day) on our Facebook/Instagram page. Also an email would be sent to winners separately.

12. When will the prizes be dispatched?
Prizes will be dispatched within 3-4 business days of the announcement of the winners.